Bimanüel Vajinal Muayene Simülatörü

ETP-TDB Simulator for Bimanual Vaginal Examination

Simulator for diagnostics by pelvic bidigital touch examination

Ethics and effectiveness of training makes it ideal for gynecological, clinical and nursing education services, allowing vaginal and rectal canals sensations and examinations.



ETP-TDB SImulator for Bımanual Vagınal Examınatıon

The TBT simulator was developed by Pro Delphus for training in evaluation of the sensations of renal gynecological touch. The possibilities of internal pathological implants may offer tools to demonstrate a normal pelvis to the touch, and with the exchange of internal organs, feel the presence of a myoma, ovarian tumors, endometriosis, enlarged uterus and many other pathologies. (The model can customized to suit the needs of the instructor).

This model presents the perfect option for demonstrating hoe to diagnose gynecological pathologies of the pelvis through a simple bi-digital examination.

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