Post Partum Kanama Simülatörü

ETP-APP Post Partum Bleeding Simulator

Simulator for post-partum bleeding.

Its realism challenges the student to overcome stress and intervene quickly to stop the bleeding and save the patient’s life.


ETP-APP Post Partum BleedIng SImulator

Simulator for post-partum bleeding.

The Postpartum Treatment Station System (ETP) simulates a patient with an acute bleeding after a normal delivery. A fluid pump is activated causing intense and continous bleeding. The purpose of training is to find the source of the bleeding, as well as to take the appropriate conduits for the identified lesion.

The ETP model can be customized to identify the diagnoses such as uterine cervix rupture, bladder rupture, vaginal alceration and rupture, uterine rupture, retention of cotyledons and/or placenta.

Ek bilgi


Uterine cervix rupture
Bladder rupture
Vaginal laceration and rupture
Uterine rupture
Retention of cotyledons and/or placenta

Components and spare parts

Reusable base made of fiberglass
Surgical unit, placenta and cotyledons
Peristatic pump in-out


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